Bake your own mini pizzas with the (patented) Pizzarette pizza oven in only 6 minutes.

This video will show you the different models. Not all models will be available anywhere.

There is nothing like a home-made pizza. And what is more homelike than having a gourmet style dinner together? With the Pizzarette anyone can make his very own mini pizzas, simply at the dinner table! The special Italian pizza oven with its genuine terracotta dome takes the centre of the table. Surrounding it are the pizza crusts and all the ingredients: tomato sauce, onion rings, mozzarella, grated parmesan cheese, olives, anchovy, paprika, tomatoes, ham, salami, chorizo, Spanish peppers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, smoked salmon, shrimps, fresh herbs, olive oil… everything you need to make delicious pizzas. This way you can decide yourself what pizza you want to eat. A Margarita, a Quatro Formaggio, a vegetarian pizza or your own personal combination, such as a super spicy ‘Atomic Pizza’? Let your imagination guide you and create the world’s most delicious pizzas! For more information go to

Multiple models:

Pizzarette Original (4 and 6 persons): baking on spatula

500 P Pizzarette Original

Pizzarette Classic (4 and 6 persons): baking directly on the baking plate

500 P Pizzarette Direct2

Pizzarette Stone (6 persons):  baking directly on Pizza stone for extra crispy result

500 P Pizzarette Stone

Pizzarette Deluxe ( 4 persons): baking on spatula and directly on backing plate

500 P Pizzarette square2

Pizzarette Deluxe (6 persons): baking on spatula and directly on backing plate

500 P Pizzarette hexagonal2

Pizzarette XL: backing 1 big pizza (22cm) directly on the backing plate500 P Pizzarette XL

Extra set of Pans for many other oven dishes (set of 4 of 6 pans)
500 P Pizzarette pan1