INFRARETTE - grilling smokeless from the top

If you’re thinking about cooking a tasty piece of meat in a pan without using any oil or butter, you can be pretty sure the meat will stick to the pan! You won’t have this problem using the Infrarette. The heat comes from the top and the cooking tray doesn’t become too hot. Oil or butter isn’t required and this prevents burning and sticking.

  • availabe in 230V
  • rotating baking plate
  • FOB China
  • no oil or butter needed
  • grilling from the top
  • heating up in 10 seconds
  • grease runs in the oil collector
  • no unpleasant fumes

For more information: 

Automatic shut of when head moves

Only 10 second heat up time.

Grease runs through hole in collector

Square plate without hole.

How it works for many dishes

Frying in a pan or grilling with the Infrarette

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