Everybody makes his own mini pizza's right at the diner table. Enjoy having fun and eating.

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This is the first multi cooker with a automatic stir option. No more stirring but have your hand free.

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Grillerette Deluxe

The most easy charcoal grill for indoor and outdoor with heat adjustment.

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Food & Fun at the breakfast table. Make your own type of egg with the Fromagette using just a few candles.

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Making mini-pizza's at the dinner is great for everybody enjoying eating with his friends. Healthy, fun and delicious by creating your own taste.


Making your own type of egg during breakfast. With cheese, bacon or mushrooms. The fromagette works on just a few candles.

Grillerette Deluxe

It's the most easy BBQ in the world. Super easy startup, you control the heat with a simple fan, no smoke and easy to take anywhere. Great for indoor too.


Take the briefcase and turn it into a vertical BBQ in just a minute and 5 seconds later into a "normal" BBQ. Grilling in front of charcoal means no smoke of fire and evenly grilled juicy meat.

Food & Fun has been founded with the intention of bringing people together again having fun preparing their own food at the diner table. Next to sourcing and redesigning we also developed our own products. We work closely with factories in Asia in the search of distributors around the world specialized in the specific markets in their countries. Sales can be through DRTV and/or retail but most innovative products need marketing skills and promotion.