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Rotisette Horizontal - new 2017

Rotating when cooking, it cooks evenly and efficiently. Makes perfectly roasted chicken, turkey, pork or rib roasts, and burger that are delicious and healthy too!

  • Easy to clean and easy to operate: just set time and temperature
  • Comes with various accessories
  • Big glass lid: see what you are cooking
  • Multifunction: perfect for all kinds of food
  • FOB China

Everybody makes his or her own taste of mini-pizzas. Some call it gourmet, others fondue. We call it Pizzarette. Choose a unit for 4 or 6 persons.Great succes in over 10 countries. The USA launch had 16M views in just 2 days at Facebook

  • 6 Different models
  • FOB China
  • works on 110 and 230V

Yes it also hase the functions of the Pizzarette for making great mini pizza's. But this product also has a great grillling surface form cast aluminium and try the raclette function with the pans. 

This product is launched in 2017 and available with 2 fixed temperatures or an adjustable model giving you the control. 

  • 2 different models
  • FOB China
  • available at 230V
  • 6 persons model (only)

With a battery operated fan air blows along the charcoal. This way it starts faster and you can increase the intensity of the heat from the charcoal.

Yes it is smokeless. because of the innovative design the grease runs to the side into the oil collector. So no grease on the charcoal means no smoke.

  • 2 models
  • FOB China
  • runs on 4AA batteries 
  • suitalbe for 4-6 persons
  • optional bag, pizza set and lid

After plugging it into the 12v socket you select your desired temperature and press start button. A Patented mug to warm up liquids or keep them warm. You can set the temperature up to 90°C/184°F.

  • 2 models
  • runs on 12V
  • holds 300ml
  • adjustable 20-90degr
  • heating up fuction

sn’t it great that you can bake on only a few candles? You will be amazed of the heat it is producing and how great it works. So no electricity, gas or charcoal needed and to enjoy everywhere.

  • 2 models
  • FOB China
  • per pan 4 candles
  • function: raclette cheese, pancakes and breakfast eggs

Grilling odour free without oil or butter. Grease running into the oil collector. It is possible on the Infrarette! With heat coming from an infrared element and the griddle not becoming too hot, burning grease will be a thing of the past.

  • optional 4 grill plate
  • FOB China
  • moving head
  • cooking/grilling from the top
  • unique carbon quartz heating element
  • 230V
  • function; electric bbq, kitchen grill

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